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We Need You to Make Our Monthly EMpact

January 2024

Join the Recurring Giving Club

Let’s talk Tuition Assistance! This amazing

program has grown tremendously and is

changing the lives of young people in our

community! In order to continue meeting

this need we are setting a goal for 2024 to

double our funding. In order to meet this

goal we are looking to add a new recurring monthly donor each month at a minimum of $50.00. That could look like 5 donors at $10.00 per month or 2 donors at $25.00 per month...however we make it to $50.00! We would love to add you to that campaign if you have the capacity to give and we encourage you to share this information with your circle to see who you could add to our amazing listing of regularly recurring donors who are already making an EMpact!

Tuition Assistance Over the Years

Check out to become a one time or recurring donor!


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